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Commercial Water Services

Commercial & Industrial Water Purification Systems

Hellenbrand Commercial Water Softeners

Hellenbrand Commercial Water Softeners for uses in motels, restaurants, water treatment pre-conditioning, with capacities ranging from 20 gallons to 500 gallons per minute. The units can be controlled by timeclock, meter or direct digital control. Duplex units are available for uninterrupted soft water.

Applications include conditioning water for dish washing systems
in restaurants, pre-treatment for boiler and cooling water systems and many other applications.

DI systems installed by Water Systems of Alabama yield high purity water of less than two micro-seimens or zero total desolved solids.
These fiberglass portable exchange tanks come in different sizes to meet the whatever gallonage needed for your commercial , industrial or laboratory needs.

Utilizing Portable Exchange Mixed Beds Class I ASTM Reagent Water

Laboratory water purification systems which generate high quality water for laboratory analysis. These units consist of a reverse osmosis unit to fill a storage tank and a recycle deionization system with ultraviolet desinfection water system. They can produce Class I ASTM Reagent Water. Alternately, high purity water for laboratory instruments can be obtained by utilizing portable deionization tanks.

Spot Free Rinse Water Purity for Car Wash

A water softener from Water Systems of Alabama will ensure that your car wash delivers a spot free rinse every time while saving you on soap usage. Reverse osmosis systems and portable exchange DI tanks can also be used in automatic car wash systems.

Water Filters for Restaurant Post-Mix

Special filters that remove chlorine and other taste and odor compounds in city water.
These filters are located before the post mix systems for soft drinks and for the feed water for coffee and tea.

Hellenbrand Deionization systems

For use in the medical field or industrial sector, purification of ion exchange Water Systems of Alabama Dionization Systems offer high purity dionization systems that deliver 100% high purity water for applications whose specs require this.

Commercial / Industrial Reverse Osmosis

For use in pre-coat applications or automotive painting equipment , as well as soft drink production for sodas and drinking water , Water Systems of Alabama offers 98.9% pure reverse osmosis that can deliver high volume output to reservoirs with UV sterilization.