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Salt Delivery Services

Salt Delivery Systems

Salt Delivery Service provides only the exact kind of salt dosage your water softener needs, not a lower grade variety that might contain sediment or dirt that could clog your softener.

A Water Systems of Alabama representative brings the salt right to your brine tank and refills it for you, saving you the trouble of dealing with heavy bags of salt.

With a friendly water softener technician stopping by on a regular basis, you can be sure that someone is keeping an eye on your softener to make sure that everything is working in top condition.

Residential Water Treatment System Check

During our technicians visit to your house, he will run the water softener through its cycles to ensure that your softener is preforming as it should.

Available Salt for Water Softeners:

  • 40lb bags

Other Salt Products Available

  • Solar Salt Crystals
  • Solar Salt Pellets